As a woman in STEM, I do not take for granted the privilege of studying and working in my chosen field. As the hard work of those before me opened doors for me, I choose to pay it forward and work to make the geosciences open, accessible, and inviting for all.

AGU Session Chair (2021)

  • Chaired oral and poster sessions for the session “Multidisciplinary Imaging of Magmatic and Hydrothermal Architecture”
  • Goal of promoting interdisciplinary work within volcanology
  • Featured two invited talks given by early career, female scientists
  • Most contributed abstracts were from early-career scientists, several from outside the U.S.

IDEEAS Working Group (2019 – present)

(IDEEAS: “Inclusions, Diversity, and Equity in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences”)

Snee Graduate Organzization (2019,2021)

(“Snee Graduate Organization”, a.k.a. “SGO, the graduate student organization in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell)

  • Member-at-Large, 2021: Served in an advisory capacity to the SGO Executive board
  • Faculty Liaison, 2019: Served as the liaison between graduate students and the department, meeting regularly with the department chair and director of graduate studies to discuss issues relevant to graduate students
  • Selected accomplishments:
    • New fall poster session to share research within department
    • Department guidelines on safety in the field
    • Co-wrote a “guide to graduate school” for incoming graduate students

Snee Tea (2018-2020)

  • Twice weekly informal tea time in the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department at Cornell
  • Goals
    • Reduce stress by offering a quick break from work
    • Create community in the department

SEG Women’s Network (2014-2016)

(SEG: “Society of Exploration Geophysicists”)

  • Vice Chair, 2016
  • Committee working to advance gender equity in exploration geophysics
Introducing panelists at the 2014 Women’s Networking Breakfast at the SEG Annual Meeting.
  • Selected accomplishments:
    • Organizer for 2014, 2015, and 2016 Women’s Networking Breakfasts at SEG Annual Meeting
      • House, N., Capello, M. A., MacQueen, P., & Sprunt, E. (2014). Growing strong and growing fast: The SEG Women’s Network. The Leading Edge33(10), 1158-1160.
    • Developed survey on experience of female geophysics students, results published in AWIS magazine
      • Sprunt, E., H. N. Ali, B. Schneider, and P. MacQueen (2018). Survey of Geophysics Student Show Importance of Female Leadership : Association for Women in Science Magazine, 32–35.
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