I love to talk about Earth science! Giving science talks to the community and teaching labs at schools have been some of my best experiences in my career as a scientist. If you would like an Earth-nerd to come share some science at your class or community, please contact me!

How excited am I to talk about volcanoes?
THIS excited.
(Etna volcano, Italy, 2019)

Science Presentations

In the past I have given presentations on how volcanoes work, their hazards, how we monitor them, and what it’s like to study them. I’m also happy to talk about broader Earth science topics such as plate tectonics, the rock cycle, rocks and minerals, and earthquakes. I enjoy working with all age groups – from 5 year olds to 70+! Who doesn’t love rocks?

Podcast Guest Appearances


Check out this Q&A session I did with Jason Learning in 2014! Had a blast answering questions about volcanoes and geophysics.

Teaching/Science Labs

Some of my most rewarding experiences have been working with teachers to create and teach earth science lessons and labs suited to their class and age level. I’ve worked with elementary, middle, and high school students as well as university students. Examples of previous lab topics include using real geology techniques to identify rocks and minerals, using Google Earth to study plate tectonics, and working with students to develop hazard mitigation strategies for a region surrounding a fictional volcano.

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